Restaurant 1812


In a historical place in Moscow, not far from the Arc de Triomphe, in a quiet and comfortable square, a restaurant with the laconic name “1812” has recently opened
The author of the project tells the architect Boris Uborevich-Borovsky:
“Peter Ziv, known as the man who was one of the founders of the Mario restaurant, suggested we make a restaurant in the bank building. We immediately decided that it would be a modern interior with classic elements. That is why classic chandeliers, mirrors in frames, an ivory piano appeared here ... In "1812" - three zones. There is a main hall with an open kitchen, a veranda that overlooks Kutuzovsky Prospekt, and a music and cigar room on the lower level. We always try to work not with color, but with material. Therefore, black ceilings, dark wood, black and white furniture were used. In order to create some accents in the interior and add color, we hung on the walls paintings by artists Dmitry Gayev-Orlov and Andrey Vereshchagin.

The kitchen behind the glass is not a new solution. But here it was used specifically because the restaurant has an eco-friendly coal grill, and, of course, the customer wanted visitors to see the cooking process. It is always very interesting. The restaurateur plans to open a culinary school in the future. As for unusual architectural techniques, there are several. For example, the bar on the first level is an island. It is integrated into the layout of the space so that it is easier to move not only to visitors, but also to waiters. And another important point is the open terrace with seamless panoramic glazing. Therefore, the interior can completely merge with the park of the street of 1812."